We are passionate about serving our local communities and investing in property for a sustainable future.

At Kingfield our vision is to create a better way of life for you, by becoming a business partner you can grow your wealth in a secure manner with the reassurance that your wealth is protected. The investment opportunities on offer for you can be tailored to individual budgets and your financial goals. Whether it be creating a passive income, adding to your savings, or retire- ment planning, this unique opportunity offered by Kingfield Homes can help make your money work for you. Once you earn from zero work, you will not look back.

So who are we? We specialise in deluxe new builds, exclusive rental accommodation, and commercial conversions. With over 30 years combined experience within the property industry we are the perfect partners to start or advance your property investment journey with.

We pride ourselves on our core values by operating ethically, responsibly and with integrity at all times. Our partners, customers, and suppliers recognise this and see the added value a partnership with Kingfield Homes can add and our service differentiates us from our competitors.



In very simple terms, a joint venture in property development is an arrangement between two or more partners to co-operate together in order to achieve a common set of goals, outcomes or objectives. It is a structure that is commonly used within the property development industry and when used effectively, can provide significant value for all parties involved.


Having worked with investors and within the property market for over 10 years, at Kingfield Homes we know transparency, a proven track record and sustainable growth is vital in building trust with our partners. Whether you are an experienced investor or lending for the first time, we treat you as our valued partner and ensure all the information you need to make informed decisions is available.


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Starting with an Informal meeting or phone call to get to know each other, learn about Kingfield Homes’ history, discuss opportunities and answer any questions you might have

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Making the right choice for you! We listen to your financial goals and property objectives and tailor a package specifically designed for you

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Kingfield Homes source the property and prepare the appraisal. The appraisal will provide comfort in knowing that the property selected will be profitable

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We prepare the contractual agreements to ensure your money is safe and secure

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Kingfield Homes plan, design and project manage the renovation / build from start to finish, providing monthly updates to you

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Upon completion, your investment and interest will be paid

This package is designed for the investor that wants their cash to work hard for them. With current interest rates well below 1% your cash is simply a depreciating asset when inflation is taken into account. With the Savings Accelerator Fund you can invest from £10,000 for a return of 6% -12%.

Take a look at the below example in which £50,000 is invested into the Savings Accelerator Fund. This shows how profitable a repeat investment could be for you.

Property Total Investment Interest Rate Combined
Interest Rate
Total Returns
1 £50,000 12% 12% £6000
2 £50,000 12% 12% £12,000
3 £50,000 12% 12% £18,000
4 £50,000 12% 12% £24,000
5 £50,000 12% 12% £30,000

Scroll right on the table if all the data isn’t visible >

Reinvest the £50,000 on 5 different properties and see a return of £30,000. This is an astonishing £30,000 off a £50,000 investment.

It will normally take between 6-12 months from when the renovation works start up until the investment and interest is paid back, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

The Profit Share Scheme is typically aimed at our larger development projects and require more capital. Rather than earning a fixed rate return as with package 1, this scheme would then result in the profit being split at the end of the project. Typically, a Special Vehicle Purpose (SPV – subsidiary business to KingField Homes) would be set up and you would become a shareholder within that company. Depending on the development, the percentage share is normally either 25% or 50%. This again can be tailored to suite your needs and objectives.

Similar to package 1, this scheme does not require any work to be done on your part. Kingfield Homes will be responsible for executing the full scope of work. Simply sit back, enjoy the monthly updates, and take your percentage of the profit once the development is complete.

We also offer our clients an opportunity to ‘Lend & Learn’.

Clients can take the opportunity to meet with our project managers to talk through and understand the progression of projects, gain an understanding of how to budget and forecast figures and learn how we successfully develop property whilst they earn an attractive return at the same time.


“Our latest project was a mixed use property in the heart of Goole Town. The property comprised of a ground floor shop, a 3 bedroom maisonette and a 1 bedroom flat. The property was purchased with investor funds for a sum of £80,000. Each unit was refurbished to a high standard with an outlay of £50,000, bringing the total cost of investment to £130,000. Upon completion, the property was re-mortgaged at a higher value than the purchase price plus refurb costs. The investor was repaid his initial investment plus the 12% interest on top.”